Where is the glacier in UAE?

Where is the glacier in UAE?

The Westin Golf Resort & Spa Westin offers a luxurious touch to live Kitsch camp and offers a 5 star gaming experience. Until May, a spacious Bedouin tent is set up in the resort garden and all hotel rooms have a sacred bed, a marshmallow, a tea / coffee maker, a towel and a starry sky. Each tent has an outdoor playbox, a pop-up chair, a separate bath and shower near the campground.
2 people including barbecue dinner dinner and breakfast basket (650 baht per night) visit westinabudhabigolfresort.com until mid-May.
One of the best secrets of Dubai is Jebel Ali’s Banan Beach Resort. The camp flew under the radar, but thinking that the possibility of escape from the city without leaving it is low, it is not long. At the campsite of the beach there are tents, hammocks and swings, ideal for enjoying the sun, sand, surfing, loneliness.
The complex has a restaurant that serves pizza, hamburgers and grilled meat on wood and charcoal. If you do not refresh beaches or thrills too much, there are 12 water sports and activities like full moon yoga. For each adult 2 per tent, Dh 350 provides access to all areas of the linen and resort and breakfast.

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