Do you want to rent a car in Europe? Caution, say a group of consumer rights

Do you want to rent a car in Europe? Caution, say a group of consumer rights

According to the survey results that the car rental company is overloaded on a regular basis for repair, according to a survey that claimed customer Dh 5000 with a small chip of windshield that could have been repaired for Dh 178 When,

Which survey conducted by consumer groups? Customers are regularly billed for unexploded damage and repair costs are sometimes found to be excessive. Repair may not be done.

what? I gathered evidence from a European car rental company I thought they were overwhelmed. To whom was the picture sent? Trusted trader garage asked how much we will pay repair cost.

Eight of the 12 car rental companies are said to be too heavy for repair, of which 4 had an average repair quota of more than twice the trusted traders calculated.

In extreme cases, Europcar’s customers were fined 1,154 (5,849 Dh) GBP against a small windshield chip that could have been repaired with an estimated £ 35 (Dh 178). Another customer received a claim of £ 854 (Dh 4, 328) against a small door dart that could have been repaired by Green Motion at £ 186 (Dh 942).

In the survey of 150 readers, which one is one? I thought that nearly 44% was overloaded and I felt 18% did not know the damage. There was no evidence of how the fee was calculated from a rental car company for three people in about three people.

Can I enter with a car rental such as Avis, Budget, Hertz? Repair that can solve several problems at the same time is often not done or repair may be delayed. The invoice received by the customer is an estimate based on the “damage matrix” of the fee.

According to it? Industry officials are reporting that the margin of car rental has decreased and more companies are trying to find new ways to earn extra income from customers.

Repair costs include administrative expenses up to D122 per day and user fees, but the other tactics may include sales of overvalued insurance.

Rory Borland, which one? The Travel Editor says: “Car rental customers are obliged to pay excessive amounts for repairs that will never take place, and if repair is needed, cost.

“Car rental companies now need not anticipate the right price but anticipate the actual cost of a rental car and need to recover the profits with a stupid repair fee.”

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