How to Survive Ultra Long-Distance Flight

How to Survive Ultra Long-Distance Flight

hat is the best way to manage 17 hours on economy cabin?
Ultra long distance is a new long-term one. Last month Qantas flew the first direct flight from Perth in Australia to Heathrow 9,240 miles – in just 17 hours.

It is a very long time to write on an airplane seat. Also, it is potentially dangerous because long-term immobility may lead to thrombosis in the legs.

There are a couple of things you can do to make your flight more receptive and safe.


“Sitting is a new smoke,” stressor expert Suzanne Wylde says. “Because our body depends on just the function to function normally, I think that the most serious aspect of flight is difficult to stretch and move in order to shed blood.” Wilde Advice you to stretch the plane before flight, during flight, and after flight. The charity organization Thrombosis UK recommends travelers “to travel every 90 minutes”. If you can not stand up or move, please practice sitting such as ankle rotation or ankle flexor. ”

drink! (No alcohol)
The air cabin has a lot of dry air. The British Heart Foundation encourages passengers to “stop drinking plenty of water while drinking alcohol and drinking caffeine”. Even if you drink lots of water, you solve the immovable problem based on the number of times you go to the toilet.

time travel
In order to avoid jet lag, please set a clock or cell phone to the destination time zone. And please sleep. It may not be the whole 17 hours.

It is not a Deaf person but is comfortable
It’s not a fashion show and it looks fantastic with skinny jeans, but if you push your stomach for 17 hours into your stomach, it does not bother you. Spacious clothes and pajamas are also a way to go.

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