Mozambique wonders

Mozambique wonders

A new way brings a 90-minute beach lover from the capital to the spectacular South Coast

Wonderful tranquility of Mozambique lure and turquoise water
The engine rings. Splash water. The boat collapses and the passenger’s pink birthday cake covered with whipped cream may slide down from the knees to the ground. “If you are afraid you can get on the biggest ferry at any time,” My guide Januario says.

It is not necessary. I came from the other side of Maputo Bay in Mozambique. Fishing boats crush on the water, small fish sunbathe on the beach stalls, local people gather for their Shandy at 8 AM. I took a mini bus and watched the driver’s orange rose with a tube of Rihanna and went through a narrow enclosure to the house along the street.

Street: All favorite themes. My travel seems chaotic, but it will change. From the capital city of Mozambique Maputo, we are exploring the beautiful beaches of the southern country. A year ago, this trip lasted up to 8 hours. The route was accessible only to the brave 4 x 4 who is not afraid to push the jeep out of a muddy trench. However, thanks to the new bridge (long ferry intersection) and a new paved road (the last color line was completed at the moment of the strike), it is condensed in a quiet 90 minute ride in a few months. Take the tourist soon to the southern seaside town, Ponta do Ouro, and will make it easy to access some of the beachfront hotels that were not discovered.

I am going a little north with a luxurious eco camp at the bottom of Anvil Bay, Maputo Special Reserve. One magnificent and exciting beach hut is an ongoing decade under the cooperation of several charities and community associations that serve local villages that benefit from the income of the lodge.

At the gate of the reserve of Jura Park, change the minibus and make the sandy road and savanna network 4 × 4. The course was reserved to protect coastal elephants in the country in 1932. Today, thanks to the wildlife recycling program, it has developed into a vast protected habitat of the country’s most spectacular bird population, including wild bee, happy, and capture of bird’s birds. It is not uncommon to see an elephant – nearly 500 people live here – but the flock is walking south further today. Instead, I see hippos in the water, a curious zebra, and a greasy stroke seat sitting on the podium.

We are effectively roommates, so they want to share it. Anvil Bay crawled towards me, its footprints are very small, there are 9 casinos and almost invisible rooms in the coastal forest. The mine is buried in a branch with a soft seat, a huge wooden bed and a water pot, flowing a refreshing sea breeze in the refreshing suite on the beach dunes, its frame, Majastro and its canvas. Reverse osmosis water. It is the only luxurious outpost of the protected area, but the economic campground is a bit far from the north. Other than that? There is nothing.

I want to spend an exhilarating day in the outdoor shower, but the sun is shining. I am Tic Tac’s white sand, a wave of turquoise blue 30 feet long. As far as I can see, it is the only turtle’s truck that stretched north and south and wandered beach in order to lay eggs at night. I walk 2 miles south and I am on a wave. I do not see other souls.

For three days, I can do rare things: Please relax. The charm of Anvil Bay is that there is no Wi-Fi (unless you go to the tent at the restaurant). We accept the quiet silence of the beach.

I try to fish from the beach and throw my fishing line in the ocean to the green you swear that it is being processed. Walking in the sand with a big bicycle, I was cooking more romance novels that I probably had to admit. At sunset, I will pour fresh local beer under a dusty pink sky and turn into a huge starry sky DIY blanket. When everyone gets to sleep, I sit on a campfire and enjoy the silence. It is drunk.

However, the charm of Mozambique is not influenced by the luxury price. Inspired to see more, I headed south towards the devastated surf town of Ponta do Ouro that strikes the South African border. My base is a colorful and very popular guesthouse, Gala Gala Eco Resort, reminiscent of the glorious era of hiking. I departed for the sea to participate in the most exciting sand beaches I have ever seen.

empty. I take off my flip-flop and walk a beach with a group of hundreds of dolphins. They get into the waves of about 10 feet from my feet and stay with me until I climb the tip of Ponta do Ouro. This means “golden tip”. Bay.

Picnic family are scattered on butter sandwich. Their smoked grilled meat is mixed with the salinity of the surf beach. Next to the devastated Baroque villa decorated with Portuguese tiles reminiscent of Mozambique’s colonial era, there is a gravel lane with a painted stand.

Ponta do Ouro offers rest and relaxation for paradise. R & R – Half ram, half raspberry pop rose cocktail is loved by local people and visitors – wink attached and warns. The owner of the bar did not sleep well as “We are good, two are the best, there are only three.” The next day we need something more sedentary. I traveled north east of Ponta Mamoli and arrive at White Pearl which is one of several luxury resorts on this south coast. The key is in the name: The pure white interior and the lively and vibrant lounge are in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Ponta do Ouro.

Here we are exploring another wave of seeming infinite waves of sand. I am watching the telescope on the moon, eating snacks in Mozambique and walking on the coast of a red flesh horse called Blazy (“She is a bit lazy”, hotel executive, Lorenzo says). traditional. I could have been in the ocean for hours, but with the new route it was even easier to visit the Maputo Special Reserve and I spent a holiday with the Bush and the beach at 1 pm.

Please show me the elephant next time. I am in a good position. My guide and former reserve guard Domingos is an expert who predicts soccer scores and animal fate. We close the asphalt and take the “Hippocampal Highway”. Because animal feces are fresh in the sand, so called. We stop to pick fruit of smooth stone of taste like black monkey orange, custard. We observe the monkey standing from the vast branch of the monkey, and in the afternoon afternoon watch the sleeping crocodile and see the twelve giraffes walking by us. Finally, we will discover elephant flocks in the distance. The jeep approaches and looks at the lawn’s savanna until sunset.

Things on my seafaring safari are moving a bit faster. There is a diver on the southern coast, 12 kinds of sharks (friendly) and Croc Creek (crocodile fish) can be seen at Pinnacles Reef in Lorenzo.

Everything is fine, but I keep other things in mind: dolphins.

“Swimming with a dolphin is not a right but a privilege,” says Lorenzo. “You can feel your mood, your fear, your stress and you can tell it before you get pregnant.” I am already nervous.

Condition is perfect: sky is blue corn flower, there is no cloud, wind is low, wave is shallow. We drive south along the coast and continue north. Uninterrupted sand miles and miles are protected by jungle forests. Then we will see it. A small group of bottle rat dolphins starts to wrap up in front of our ship. Lorenzo said, “They take a nap and they simultaneously close half of the brain, swim, go to bed.” Multitasking, take notes.

It would be rude to wake her. Instead, we head north and Lorenzo relax directly on the coastal reef. Tourism in Mozambique suffered from the political tension in the north, but here it is 1500 miles south, it is a different story. “Investors want to build a port in this place,” Lorenzo says. “It destroys beaches, marine life, and peace, and we must all endeavor to protect the coast.”

It is difficult to imagine. There are colorful white sand just a few meters away and it is flowing into the colorful jade sea. I will fulfill my role, I will fire snorkel and fins and promise to jump straight.
The largest protected marine reserve in Africa Kirin Bath National Park has a small barefoot pavilion, Gurudo, made of stone and straw villas and Banda. There is no electricity and there is no Wi-Fi (except in case of emergency). An 8-mile beach is required in front of the entrance.
The mansion at Ibo Island Lodge was once the headquarters of Niassa, a commercial company, but you can still enjoy colonial architecture. Discover the best beaches of the archipelago by boat trip and learn more about the wild animals this island brings home.

Please go to Anantara Bazaruto Island in the Basalt Archipelago, 20 km away from the South Coast of Mozambique. There are many white sandy beaches at 37 miles long and 12 miles wide, with scuba diving, sand dunes fishing, fishing etc.

At the airy beach bar you can taste fresh seafood and you can see fishermen bringing the net on the sand of Wimbe Beach near Pemba in northern Mozambique. Please sit at the Avani Pemba Beach & Spa Hotel with a beautiful white sand beach in front of you.

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