Is it allowed to eat the second airline?

Is it allowed to eat the second airline?

How about peanuts while we are there?
The idea of ​​depositing the airplane’s food may be ridiculous. After all, the galley has a bad reputation. Why do you want to eat more than you need?

However, airline meal time is far from past eaten rice porridge. Thanks to food researchers and competent chefs (even Heston Blumenthal made some changes to the British Airways cuisine in 2011), you can have a perfect dinner at 35,000 feet.

So why stop alone?

Can passengers ask passengers for a second hot meal? Or third? And while you are there, how about some bags of nuts?

The answer is clear Jesus.

A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic said, “Customers are trying to adapt to them if they ask for extra food such as pretzels and ice cream.” “If you have some food at the end of the service you can offer another one.”

British Airways does not offer free meals for short-distance flights, but similar policies exist for long distance routes that include food and drinks. “Customers rarely request extra meals, but the staff of our rooms will pick up as much as possible,” the company says.

A spokesperson for Aeroflot stated that: “Passengers who demand extra food are not refused and passengers who demand extra meals get passengers according to availability.

Do you have leftovers many times? According to frequent travelers, most often. Stephan Segraves, Co-owner of Dot, Line, Destination Air Travel Podcast says: “When I asked for extra help, I was coming directly from work, because there was no time to pack something in the terminal, I charged extra charges to the crew when I finished the service I was a little surprised, Do you really want seconds? “- But they are all engaged. ”

Nik Loukas, founder of Blog InflightFeed, says: “I asked it several times for a few seconds, but I think it is strange to ask more, but sometimes I am very hungry, the team, I have not” no “yet. ”

So, if you are still hungry after the first meal, please do not be shy. You may want to keep hot meals, fried potatoes and sandwiches in your bag for consumption later. This can save you some dirhams.

There is also an environmental merit. If the passenger does not eat all the fresh food, they are simply thrown into the trash can. “At the end of the flight, unused or contaminated sealed items will be reused on a separate stool,” Fresh agricultural products are thrown away as food safety regulations must be respected “

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